Replaement LoanWe Say Yes More Often To Replacement Finance Approval
Our office receives enquiries on a daily basis from clients looking
to update to a newer truck,and require financing on a low doc
basis and they ask is such a product in existence?

Well the answer is Yes? and Prime Mover Loans can offer finance
to your business right now,without the need to constantly be in
contact with your accountant to hassle him to produce your last
two years tax returns plus the bank statements…no things are in the past,so we can now
offer your business Replacement Finance which streamlines and simplifies the finance process.

Replacement Finance Easy Approval Process – Tick the boxes And Drive Away
Is applicable to all makes and models of trucks.
Can be financed through Dealer – Auction – Private Sale.
Amount financed up to $200,000 per single transaction.
Existing loan needs to have been active and paid on time for a minimum 18 months.
New purchase can increase up to 125% of existing loans amount financed or repayment.
Existing loan is to be paid in full prior to settlement of replacement.
Clear Veda file required for applicant.
Bank rates apply to these loans

Benefits Of Replacement Finance
New for Old.
Maintenance bills minimised.
Zero income verification.
Bank rate finance.
No deposit.
No need to be asset backed.
Can borrow up to $200,000 per single transaction.

A great finance product for small to large fleets who require constant updating without the paperwork.

Our Promise
We can assist with all of your fleet requirements,whether you have one or 100 trucks you will
always receive the same friendly and professional advice that hundreds of our clients,
Australia wide attest to.

Contact Us to make a finance application today or if you would like further information in
regards to the Replacement Finance program
,then ring us anytime on 1300 663 983.



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