Low Doc Your Next Prime Mover Purchase

Low Doc Truck LoansNo Financials Lending The Easy Way
Low Doc is a abbreviation for a specialist form of lending called
low documentation,which simply means that subject to meeting
six credit criteria,you can purchase the truck you require without
having to produce income verification statements. 

Low Doc truck lending is not available to all applicants,so we will
go through each of the credit criteria that you need to tick the box on so we will get you on
the road and making money today,the need for tax returns are gone forever.

Applicants to have a ABN that is GST registered for two years plus.
Age of truck not to exceed four years of age.
Truck to be purchased through a licenced dealer or auction.Private Sales N/A.
Maximum amount lent is $100,000.
No deposit lending available to home owner/buyers.
30% deposit applicable to non asset backed applicants.
Clear Veda credit file.

All low doc lending attracts full doc bank rates.


Q. I want to purchase a truck through a private seller and I require  finance?

A. Low Documentation finance does not apply to private sales.You will need tax returns.

Q. I have had previous credit problems and have defaults,can I obtain this type of  finance?

A. Low documentation finance is available to clients with a clear unblemished credit history.

Q. Can I obtain any type of truck on low documentation finance?

A. All makes and models are considered


We Can Help If You Don’t Qualify For Low Doc Finance
If you require low doc finance finance on a private sale truck and you don’t have your current
tax returns that is OK as we have alternate finance packages that may assist you.

Although Low Documentation finance is not available to applicants who have had current or
previous impaired credit issues,we can get you back on track with our “second chance”
package.Give our team a call today for further information.

Contact Us today to make a finance application,so you can be driving away tomorrow or if you
would like to discuss your scenario further with one of our friendly loan consultants,then give
us a call anytime on 1300 663 983.




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